Our CBD Solutions

Golf Course Solution

Do you want to help your golfers while also increasing your profit? We have a specific solution just for our golf course clients. Help your customers with aches and pains, letting them golf more, while also profiting from our CBD products in your store.

Animal Health Solution

Animals are able to benefit from the tremendous compounds that our CBD products contain as well. From separation anxiety to appetite, CBD can work wonders for animals. If you are a Veterinarian, then talk with your company and tell them about CBD Drake. Click the button below to learn more!

Convenience Store Solution


Do you own a conveience store? We have a fantastic C-Store solution that could increase your revenue. We even have a solution for businesses that own multiple C-Stores. Drop us a line for a free consultation and learn how we can benefit you.

Manufacturers Solution


We partner with the best CBD manufacturers in the world so that our retail partners and end users benefit from fantastic CBD products. If you’re a CBD manufacturer, then click below and reach out to us to learn about our manufacturer solutions.

Physician Practices Solution


Your patients may suffer from minor aches and pain to very severe physical trauma, but no matter what they may be able to benefit from the affects of CBD. Talk to us today to see how we can help you and your patients.

Pharmacies Solution


Your patients are looking for medication that can help them, CBD may be able to help them with numerous ailments. If you would like to help your patients by supplying CBD, talk to us today for a free consultation.

Retail Solution


Are you a head, vapor, fitness, acupunture, alternative health shop, etc? We have several custom solutions for numerous types of retail shops. Whatever kind of shop you have, selling CBD may increase your annual sales.